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The Privateer Grave Dancer

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21st March 2007

cassandra_028010:01am: Make with the clicky clicky
Click here.

Then go register
here and collect more booty for The Grave Dancer.

Currently we are in 14th place.

Bloody Grace Kidd
IFoRP #326

10th March 2007

cassandra_02801:50pm: Lady Reddy update
For those who know and love Lady Reddy (known on LJ as dreddy_reddy, she was rushed to the hospital yesterday morning for emergency surgery. Her doctors think she will be there for about ten days.

I just went to see her and she is in pain but in very good spirits. She is in ICU so probably not up for a deluge of visitors. I'd say if you have her cell number, call and check. Be warned though, her battery is dying and she will not get her charger until tomorrow.


13th October 2005

cassandra_02803:47pm: Ahoy
Welcome t' the Privateer Grave Dancer. If'n ye are a member of the ship and would like to come aboard, leave a comment here and I'll add yer name to the roster.

Bloody Grace Kidd
Quartermistress of The Grave Dancer
and General Misanthrope
Current Mood: mellow
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